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Care staff

-- protection of health and interests of the employees

-- the construction of the platform, the realization of personal value

-- enhance employee happiness index

NBC attaches great importance to the staff's moral education andcompliance, and the protection of health and welfare, to provide a comfortable working environment and atmosphere for the staff, let the Fenoffered are timely, reasonable return. On the sustainable growth of the enterprise at the same time, also pay attention to occupation planning and development staff, provide value realization channels for employees,realize one's dream.


Employee compensation

Requirements for minimum wage standard Nabaichuan not only comply with the provisions of the local government and the law, and promote the competitive salary system, salary level is not lower than the local policy requirements.


Employee benefits

NBC has established perfect staff security system, strengthen the company's employees law-abiding and self-discipline consciousness,enhance the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, the establishment ofeconomic incentives, administrative reward and special contribution award,with a "management innovation and rationalization proposals Award","outstanding", "excellent staff", "excellent management" and other awards,at the end of each period or year, administrative organization selection activities, on the work of outstanding staff award. At the same time, buyinsurance for the employees, and set up a company medical rescue planunder special circumstances. Per month for staff birthday party every year,according to the employee's work performance, the main project completion and performance, provide the year-end bonus is competitive,and organize employee travel and training.


Employee health

The principle of voluntary follow Nabaichuan for overtime policy, at least a week to arrange a day of rest, at the same time the implementation ofemployees cross training, a gang, in order to cope with the peak production of human adjustment. In the staff's pressure, cosmopolitanrequires competent employees concerned about the health of body and mind, nonsked hold some activities, strengthen the supervisor and staff exchanges, and create a team atmosphere, deepen mutual understanding and trust, enhance team cohesion.

Companies to provide free health examination for employees, to health problems found in the physical examination with tracking and guidance.

Green environmental protection

-- Implementation of the "safety, environmental protection, energy saving,reliable," strategy

-- Design and green design solutions, manufacturing of green product

-- implement energy-saving emission reduction, and actively respond to climate


In production and business activities, try to consider environmental protection requirements fully, reasonable, efficient use of energy,resources, reduce costs, improve the company's environmental benefits,through innovation, continuous improvement of environmental negative impact, so as to promote low carbon development.


Energy saving and emission reduction

Modern energy consumption mainly: production, life with electricity,liquefied petroleum gas, diesel with life.



The main wastewater pollution source for: sewage.



The main source of noise pollution of the company is: the noise of air compressor, slitting machine run time.



The modern operation process of waste including recyclable waste,hazardous waste, waste. Mainly: excess material, waste products, wastefacilities, waste containers, waste packaging materials, stationery, paperwaste, garbage, waste oil, waste oil, waste fluorescent tubes, waste battery



-- to strengthen the communication with customers, improve customer satisfaction

-- through consultation and communication, enhancing the cooperation and participation


Customer communication

NBC has always adhere to the customer oriented, strengthening communication with customers, understand customer needs and actively cooperate with, assume responsibility actively, improve customer satisfaction, customer success, achieve long-term cooperation with customers and win-win.

To set up distribution points in modern multiple, actively participate in theestablishment and maintenance of cooperation between the customer relationship, set up various communication channels, and actively listen to customers, understand the needs of customers. Including home visits,telephone exchange, third party satisfaction surveys, customer reception,Internet opinion collection.

Neptune will customer suggestions and requirements into the design and improvement, to ensure customer feedback sound can timely treatment,fast to meet customer needs, to create greater value for customers.


Employee communication

There are formal and informal channels of communication between modernand staff. Employees can put forward opinions and suggestions to thesupervisor, can also communicate with a higher level of leadership. The establishment of employee suggestion boxes, collecting all kinds of sound,to resolve employee complaints, for instant, justice, reasonable to deal withstaff complaints. In addition, NBC is regular and non regular seminars orheart will.


The fair management

Try to strengthen staff law, honesty and moral education, mention poorlaw-abiding. Common development and cooperation manufacturers, and create a good cooperation in space. The protection of their intellectual property rights also respect the intellectual property rights of others.Construction of anti commercial bribery prevention and control mechanism for efficient, transparent, abide by business ethics, adhere to the good faith management, against and prevention of bribery and other corruption.


Intellectual property rights

NBC attach importance to their own intellectual property rights, and activelyaccumulated in the core areas. Long-term adherence to the development of the annual sales income of less than 15% of the investment, actively participate in international standard. Respect for intellectual property rights, in an open, friendly attitude, abide by and use of internationalintellectual property rules, solving the problem of intellectual property by the way of negotiation, cross licensing, cooperation. At the same time against malicious infringement of intellectual property rights, NBC through legal weapons to safeguard their own interests.


Safe operation

Try to follow the "safety first, prevention first" principle, through the implementation of occupation health and safety management and training,establishing the management measures, work instruction, strengthenproduction safety and accident prevention.


Social welfare

NBC promote popularization and commitment to science and technology,increasing employment opportunities, and personnel training. Actively participate in public welfare undertakings, to serve the society, make positive contributions to the local community, to become the enterprise andresponsible citizens.