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 Modern origin

Chinese named Neptune, the symbol of modern people broad-minded,tolerant, image of enterprises strive for perfection and transcendence,represents the modern people never slacken, the spirit of the pursuit of excellence.

English abbreviation "NBC" stands. All of the Pinyin first letter, Logo black and red with symbolize the company all rivers run into sea, tolerance is a virtue of broad mind and ambition! 


Brand culture

Company brand Anen, take an abbreviation for pinyin.


Our brand promise

Safe and reliable energy saving and environmental protection


Enterprise purpose

Technology Societe Generale, people-oriented, honest and trustworthy,quality first, rapid response, the pursuit of excellence.


Business philosophy

Honesty, quality to win the trust of the guests, Chong, pragmatic, mutually beneficial, win-win;


Strategic objectives

To adapt to the international competition, the construction of the internationalization of enterprises.