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A, Technology Department

Engineering Supervisor

Job requirements:

1, male, bachelor degree (major in normal colleges), English level four or above; English and can communicate with customers.

2, familiar with CAD and PRO/E or solid Work drawing software.

3, familiar with the connector design principle or have the same experience over 5 years.

4, engaged in Engineering (product) in charge of more than three years working experience and structure design.

5, process improvement, SOP writing, standard working hours, line balance, production line layout work experience.

6, mold design (Wu Jin), clamping fixture design experience, measuring.

7, need to have good communication and coordination ability, focuses on the management and coordination team! At least 5 conditions are met.

Recruitment number: 1 people

Product Engineer

Job requirements:

1, bachelor degree or above, electronic, computer communication and communication engineering or relevant major, English level four or above

2, familiar with the technical requirements for manufacturing high current connectors, hardware

3, serious and responsible work, dedication, hard working, strong communication and coordination ability, able to work under pressure

4, has the related working experience in the electronics industry for more than 3 years of engineering project

5, understand Autocad, proe and other design software, skilled offce office software

Recruitment number: 2 people

Two, the marketing department

Business elite

Job requirements:

1, the age 22 years old to 35 years old, 3 years above working experience,technical secondary school or above;

2, men and women are not limited, looks correct, outgoing personality,good communication skills; the above of female height 160cm, above of male height 170cm;;

3, more than 2 years sales work experience, aTyco/FCI/MOLEX/AMPHENOL connector international company working experience is preferred;

4, honest and trustworthy, hard-working, obedient arrangement, self-motivated;

5, has the good organization ability, strong market development and customer communication skills, have a certain market planning and operation ability, can grasp the skills for business negotiation and negotiation atmosphere,;

6, to a high degree of enthusiasm, have bear work pressure challenges toface the challenge of quality;

7, a driving experience or private car.

8, basic salary + commission recruitment number: 5 people

* in accordance with the requirements of the personnel, the hiring company will provide a competitive salary and broad space for development.

Foreign trade business

Job requirements:

1, proficient in English, familiar with writing, fluent oral English, can talk with foreign friends

2, there are all kinds of foreign trade platform operation experience and network marketing experience,

3, have the ability to independently develop overseas customers, goodnegotiation skills and communication skills, be good, have a passion for the foreign trade work,

4, have good communication ability and skills, speech and deportmentpositive self-confidence; frustrated bear ability, willing to face challenges,with strong sense of responsibility and good,

5, connectors and wiring harness experience preferred. A driving experience or private car.

6, bachelor degree or above, English level six, outstanding can relax the qualifications recruitment number: 2 people

Business Assistant

Job requirements:

1, work carefully, have a strong sense of responsibility, good character,honest, confident and positive speech and deportment.

2, personal temperament, character cheerful, good at communication, have a passion for sales.

3, good English, written english.

4, the age requirement: 20 years old -30 years old, female

5, more than 1 years working experience, college degree or above,outstanding can relax the qualifications

6, outstanding graduates can consider training, there are connectors andwiring harness experience preferred

Recruitment number: 2 people

Three, procurement

Job requirements:

1 technical secondary school degree or above,

2 two years purchasing experience, familiar with purchasing processes

3 familiar with connector and hardware process

4 strong communication and coordination skills. Have the certainnegotiation skills

5 familiar with ISO quality management system operation, excellentintegrity, morality.

Recruitment number: 1 people

Four, the quality assurance

Job requirements:

1 familiar with connector and process, hardware test key

2 understand the process inspection process and points for attention,skilled use of various measuring and testing instruments, familiar with CPK,SPC.

3 honesty, dedication, initiative, strong sense of responsibility

4 familiar with ISO quality management system operation.

5 have more than 2 years working experience in process inspection

Recruitment number: 2 people