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Talent is the foundation of enterprise, is the driving force for enterprise development, it will be used, the only modern, absorb counterparts in various types of outstanding management and technical personnel, to create an excellent management team and innovative technical team.

The core idea: let the people have the opportunity to director, to the director general of the people has the stage, do people have position.


A selection

We choose the standard, first is the individuality and particularity, the German word for the first, followed by the service enterprise's intention,whether to have the sense of responsibility, ambition and ambition, thenwork procedure and work experience person, finally is the professional and academic.

Two Yu Cai

We think, improving the capacity of employees is the cornerstone ofenterprise development, staff training plays an important role for its ability to improve. Namomo Kawashoyo business needs and job characteristics,start from the basics to the training of professional skills. Newcomers will provide on-the-job training, the probation period take mentoring, help them to integrate into the new environment and to master the basic skills needed for the job.

Three use only

Try using the condition is: responsibility, willing to learn, hands-on ability,dare to play, discipline, team consciousness. The performance for the principle, we value is the ability, as long as you do good, better than others, outstanding performance, he boldly, entrusted with the task,improve in practice, merit based selection. At the same time and the appropriate person, the amount applied. As long as in the right position to play the greatest degree of intelligence, is of certain significance of talent.According to each level of the staff, expertise, experience, personality,schedule it to be suitable for the post, to give full scope to the talents, to do their best, to ensure business continuity, fast, and efficient development.

Four retention

No employee will offer, there will be no development of enterprises, not the development of enterprises, will not have the staff stage.

NBC has always attached great importance to cultivate, cherish and care for employees, make modern people can happy work, give full play to their potential. We conduct related activities on a regular basis, improveinteraction and communication team, enhance the mutual understandingand integration, and the establishment of modern Awards: "management innovation and rationalization proposals Award", "outstanding", "excellent staff", "top management" and other awards, on the work of outstandingstaff award. In addition to employees to purchase insurance for employees,the monthly birthday party every year, according to the employee's work performance, the main project completion and performance, provide theyear-end bonus is competitive, and organize employee travel and training,the promotion of ability and the value of the individual