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Series Data Sheet (PDF)

Features and Benefits

     IDEAL 182, the United States of America ideal | lamp AC connectorPowerPlug series

    1 to meet CEC and NEC requirements, applicable to the fluorescent lampand ballast connected or non residential renovation lighting applications.
    2 through the UL 2459 & CSA 182.3 finger detection demand
    3 for line 12 ~ 18AWG, AC AC applications.
    4 safe, convenient plug.
    5 the main push the United States market for home improvement of solar lamps, energy-saving lamps and ballasts for exchange connection.
    6 Division I can complete the complete wiring harness processing, plus E26American lamp

    Product advantages:
    1 products targeted. An terminal is terminal brand building the world's largest, design and production of products in full compliance withinternational standards.

    Compact design with 2 internal structure, contact material and spring material together, so that the overall structure of the product is more stable, improve safety coefficient.

    The 3 circuit is smooth, small resistance. Contact the ideal terminal conductors and spring leaf surface (grip), reduces the contact resistance,so that the circuit is more fluent (other brands for point or line contact -thumb stick, for cross connection, the contact area is small, is not conducive to the circuit open)

    4 lasting elastic force of the spring slice. Terminal spring cold stamping processing, the tongue clearance smooth, no burrs, can ensure the springhas lasting elastic.

    5 perfect interior design to achieve a lower insertion force, the construction is more labor-saving, convenient, fast.

    6 since the wire contact mode of special, so it can withstand the impactcurrent is very strong, even in the wire without frequency conversion technology connection is still applicable.

    The 7 contact materials using thicker copper + tin combination, this combination to reduce the contact resistance, avoiding the contact point of the safe hidden trouble such as fever.

    8 wire can be connected at the same time different wire diameter.Connector of each tongue stretch are independent of each other, the wiring according to the wire diameter automatically adjust the clampingforce.

    9 the construction more convenient. Shell indicate the technical indicators(current, voltage, wire diameter, wire length, flame retardant grade and the relevant certification), shell with measuring wire length scale (13CM), the construction workers can measure the length of the wire is very convenientin the stripping wires, avoid because of the stripped wire is too long or too short to engineering problems.